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Tell me about Solve The Room…


Located as we are in the rather quiet Toms River township of New Jersey it comes rather as a refreshing surprise when people find themselves in crunch situations such as

  • You have an hour to break out of a high security prison. If you don’t, you face a fate worse than death…
  • One hour to escape from a locked out Prohibition-era watering hole.
  • Your team of FBI agents is all that stands between an all-out gang war in the streets of New York. You have exactly 60 minutes to crack a case; if you don’t New York will become a warzone.
  • And..in the near future…the Pharaoh’s tomb.

Fun for family* and friends, an enjoyable experience and an opportunity to sharpen those ‘little grey cells’.

All it takes is 1 hour.

Are you up to the challenge?

* We believe children under 12 may not fully enjoy the escapes however we do allow them to attend; anyone under 13 must have an adult guardian present.



Premiere Escape Room in Tom's River, New Jersey

1555 Rte 37 W #12
Toms River, NJ 08755, USA

+1 732-244-2481