Hey there, adventure enthusiasts! Ever wondered what it’s like to be locked in a room filled with puzzles and mysteries? Welcome to Solve The Room, NJ, where every escape room adventure is a thrilling blend of puzzles and exhilarating challenges! We’ve seen countless teams, from first-timers to seasoned pros, walk through our doors and leave with stories full of excitement and achievement.

Today, we’re super excited to share with you some insider tips and tricks. Whether you’re gearing up for your first escape room adventure or you’re an experienced escape artist looking to sharpen your skills, our guide is packed with everything you need to know. So, let’s dive into this amazing world together and unlock the secrets of a successful escape!

About Solve The Room, NJ

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The #1 Rated Escape Room in New Jersey

Picture this: You’re in Toms River, NJ, a place known more for its tranquility than thrills. But then, you step into Solve The Room, NJ, and bam! You’re in a high-security prison with an hour to escape or else face a fate worse than death.

Each room at Solve The Room, NJ – be it a prohibition-era bar, a high-security prison, or an ancient Pharaoh’s tomb – offers a unique, adrenaline-pumping experience. And guess what? You don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to enjoy these escapades.

These rooms are designed to test and hone everyday skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Now that we have introduced ourselves let’s talk about what escape rooms are and how they’ve evolved in the past.

The Evolution of Escape Rooms: From Physical to Virtual

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Escape rooms have come a long way since their inception. From physical rooms to modern virtual experiences, the evolution is fascinating. Solve The Room, NJ takes pride in offering three physical escape rooms, ensuring every adventure seeker finds their fit.

The Role of Escape Room Hosts and Designers in Enhancing Player Experience

At Solve The Room NJ, the hosts and designers are the heroes. They craft each experience meticulously, ensuring every puzzle, clue, and decor piece adds to the immersive adventure.

Pre-Game Preparation: Understanding Different Types of Escape Rooms: Virtual vs. Physical

Virtual Escape Rooms

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  • What they are: An online version of traditional escape rooms, offering a digital experience.
  • Benefits: Accessibility from anywhere, flexibility in scheduling.
  • Best for: Teams not in the same location, tech-savvy players.

Physical Escape Rooms

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  • What they are: Traditional escape rooms like those at Solve the Room, NJ, where you physically interact with your environment.
  • Benefits: Full sensory experience, real-time interaction.
  • Best for: Family and friends groups and those seeking an immersive experience in person.

How to Choose the Right Escape Room for Your Team

  • Consider Team Size: Ensure the room accommodates your group comfortably.
  • Difficulty Level: Match the room’s challenge with your team’s experience level. Beginners might start with less challenging escape rooms before tackling the more complex ones.
  • Theme Preference: Choose a theme that excites your team. From a thrilling jailbreak or escaping a 1990s prohibition-era bar to an ancient Pharaoh’s tomb, Solve the Room NJ offers a variety of adventures to choose from.

Inside the Game Room

Decoding Common Escape Room Puzzles: A How-To Guide

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  • Types of Puzzles: Understand the common types like logic puzzles, physical tasks, and hidden objects.
  • Tips for Solving: Break down the puzzle, look for patterns, and don’t overthink.

Strategies for Effective Communication and Teamwork in Escape Games

  • Assign Roles: Designate a leader, timekeeper, and puzzle solver.
  • Communicate Clearly: Share clues openly and listen to each other’s ideas. Take notes of clues, and once anyone solves a puzzle, let everyone know.
  • Stay Organized: Keep track of solved and unsolved puzzles.

Advanced Tips and Tricks for Escape Room Success

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Learning from Escape Artists: Advanced Strategies to Beat Challenging Rooms

  • Observe Everything: Pay attention to details; sometimes, the smallest and seemingly unimportant thing can be a clue.
  • Think Outside the Box: Creative thinking can reveal hidden solutions.
  • Learn from Failures: Each unsuccessful attempt is a learning opportunity.

Now that you know what to do, let’s look at what not to do in an escape room. These are as important, if not more, than your to-do list.

What Not to Do in an Escape Room

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Avoiding Common Mistakes

  • Ignoring the Briefing: Pay attention to the game master’s instructions. It’s there for a reason.
  • Overlooking Simple Solutions: Not every puzzle is overly complicated.
  • Panic under Pressure: Stay calm; panic can cloud judgment. Escape rooms are fun and meant for enjoying together. Don’t stress yourself out.

What to Wear for an Escape Challenge

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Dressing for Success

  • Comfortable Clothing: Easy-to-move-in attire is key. Think of comfortable clothing for mobility, and always focus on layering to adjust to the temperature.
  • Appropriate Footwear: Avoid high heels or bulky shoes. Sneakers? Yes, please. 

Things You Should and Shouldn’t Carry Inside the Room

Carry Essentials Only

  • Bring a photo ID (if the room needs it), necessary medical items, prescription glasses, magnifying glasses, notebooks, a pen, etc.
  • Leave Behind: Large bags, unnecessary gadgets, mobile phones, cameras, etc.

Importance of Teamwork and Collaboration

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Together, Everyone Achieves More

  • Leverage Diverse Skills: Every team member brings something unique to the table. Divide tasks and collaborate. 
  • Celebrate Small Wins: Each solved puzzle is a step closer to success. Let everyone know and celebrate together to keep the morale high.

Time Management and Clue Utilization: The Key to Escape Room Success

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Mastering the Clock

  • Prioritize Tasks: Tackle easier puzzles first to build momentum.
  • Use Clues Wisely: Don’t be afraid to ask for hints, but use them sparingly.

Efficient Clue Utilization

  • Organize Clues: Keep track of all clues and their potential uses.
  • Collaborate on Solutions: Two heads are often better than one.

By following these tips and strategies, you’re setting yourself up for an exciting and victorious experience in escape rooms like those at Solve the Room NJ. Whether it’s a virtual escape or a physical room escape, remember, it’s not just about beating the room; it’s about the thrill of the game and the joy of teamwork. So, gather your team, put on your escape artist hat, and get ready to solve the room!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Should Beginners Expect on Their First Visit to Solve the Room, NJ?

Beginners can expect a thrilling and immersive experience. You’ll be briefed on the rules, the story behind your chosen room, and some basic strategies to get started.

Are There Any Specific Skills Needed to Enjoy Escape Rooms?

No specific skills are required! Escape rooms are about teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving. Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast or new to this, you’ll find the experience enjoyable and challenging.

How Can Beginners Choose the Right Room at Solve the Room, NJ?

Solve the Room, NJ offers various themes and difficulty levels. For beginners, we recommend starting with a room that has a lower difficulty rating or one that appeals to your interests.

What Are Some Common Types of Puzzles Found in Escape Rooms?

You’ll encounter a mix of puzzles, including logic puzzles, hidden objects, and physical challenges. Each room has a unique set of puzzles that align with its theme.

How Large Should a Beginners’ Team Be?

While we accommodate various team sizes, for beginners, a team of 4-6 is ideal. This allows for diverse thinking and enough hands to tackle different puzzles.

Is There a Time Limit for Escape Rooms?

Yes, typically, teams have 60 minutes to solve the room. But don’t worry, it’s about the experience and fun, not just beating the clock!

Can Beginners Ask for Hints During the Game?

Absolutely! Game masters are there to help. If you’re stuck, you can ask for hints to nudge you in the right direction.

What Should Beginners Do to Prepare for an Escape Room?

Come with an open mind and a positive attitude. Wear comfortable clothing, and if you wear glasses for reading, bring them along.

How Safe are Escape Rooms for Beginners at Solve the Room, NJ?

Safety is our top priority. All rooms are monitored by staff, and you can exit the room at any time if needed.

What Makes Solve the Room, NJ, Ideal for Beginners’ Escape Room Visit?

Our rooms are designed to be immersive yet approachable, with a range of difficulty levels and themes. Plus, our friendly staff is always ready to make your experience memorable and fun!



By following these escape room tips and strategies, you’re setting yourself up for an exciting and victorious experience in escape rooms. Always remember, it’s not just about beating the room; it’s about the thrill of the game and the joy of teamwork. So, gather your team, put on your escape artist hat, and get ready to solve the room!

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