Egyptian escape games have historically captured the players’ attention. Some of the most common themes are the adventures of rogue archaeologists, tales of mythical tombs, and curses of powerful pharaohs reaching out from the underworld to whomever disturbs their sleep.

Egyptian history has fascinated humanity for eons, and this historical period has inspired several movies and countless games. An escape game is no exception! Even though it teleports players back in time only for an hour, the enthusiasts love the experience and keep returning for more.

If you’re an Egyptian history buff, we invite you to try the incredible Pharaoh’s Tomb at Solve the Room NJ, the best escape room in Toms River. Get ready to face your biggest and scariest challenge, as you have 60 minutes to escape with your life. More on this later.


Why are Egyptian-themed Escape Games Popular?

Movies and games brought Egyptian characters into our homes, entertaining and terrifying us equally. Important figures like Tutankhamun, Ramesses, Hatshepsut, and Cleopatra have been featured countless times in films and documentaries. Then there are the Egyptian Gods, high priests, and other influential characters who make excellent escape game themes.

While it’s exciting to watch mummies coming to life and archaeologists risking life and limb to escape the wrath of ancient curses in a movie, living the experience in real-time in an escape room is a different experience altogether. It’s equal parts scary and irresistible!

Egyptian-themed escape rooms are usually set inside a pyramid, the pharaoh’s palace, or a boat on the Nile. A particular color palette and style of light and sound are used universally. This accentuates the immersive experience by shrouding the room in mystery, a feeling every player enjoys.

Egyptian-themed Escape rooms are suitable for kids as the emphasis is on the adventure instead of overall spook. However, if your child is claustrophobic, we do not recommend Egyptian escape games, as they are built to replicate narrow paths inside the pyramids.

On the other hand, Egyptian escape rooms for adults don’t hold back on the fright quotient. So, we recommend enquiring about the age restrictions before booking your tickets. If you plan to visit Solve the Room soon and have questions for us, please check out the FAQs here. For detailed queries, you can contact us here.


Play Pharaoh’s Tomb – The Best Egyptian Escape Room in Toms River

If you’re mesmerized by ancient Egyptian tales, stories of the Pharaohs, and the mysteries surrounding the cursed pyramids, we bring you the most thrilling escape room in Toms River. Let’s walk you through the details.

The Story

‘I’ve found it! The tomb of Pharaoh Nebka! I’m going in.’ That’s the last thing you heard your friend say before losing communication.

Your explorer friend has finally done it! He found the lost tomb of the Pharaoh Nebka and the great treasure buried within. After losing contact with him, you followed him to the site, but the mummy’s curse might be more than a story! You have 60 minutes to return the pharaoh’s stolen amulet or be trapped forever.

Are you ready to escape the Egyptian room and rescue your friend?

General Information

  • Age Requirement: 12+
  • Mission Type: Adventure/Fantasy
  • Recommended for: Family
  • Number of Players: 2-7
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: 4/6

Our Insights

One of Toms River’s most exciting escape rooms, Pharaoh’s Tomb, requires teamwork and critical thinking. The game is perfect for corporate teambuilding events, birthday parties, and any other special occasion you want to celebrate with loved ones.

The game challenges players to think out of the box and scour the room to piece the puzzle back together and find their way out before the timer stops. Our designers paid close attention to the theme, light, sound, and props to make the game authentic.

We can’t wait for you to try it and give us honest feedback!

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